Paint Booths

We are distributing different types of spray booths as mentioned below:

Dry Booth: Cross flow booth, Down draft booth, semi down draft booth, Side down draft booth are Dry type paint booths. Water Booth: Water curtain and water wash are two types water paint booths.

Fans installed in painting applications can vary depending on their location within the process: A) For air supply in the spray booth cabins, double inlet centrifugal fans are used. B) Single inlet fans with a special anti-adhesive coating are used for “dirty air extraction”. C) Re-circulating fans are installed in ovens to keep an even temperature inside.

These last 2 types must have a dismountable casing design, with easily accessible impellers to enable cleaning.

For drying and cooling, two alternative solutions are considered:

1) Double inlet centrifugal fans equipped with frequency inverters.

2) Large axial flow fans with adjustable-pitchin-motion impellers.


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