Radiator Engine, Marine & Offshore

Fans in Marine and Offshore environments are used to create ventilation and comfort in the cabins, and for the machineries areas. Fans located in those environments are operating in tough conditions: salt and humidity are corrosive, and continuously attacking materials. Moreover, as maintenance is a critical point in terms of accessibility, availability of spares and of technical people, design of the fans must be thought to be first class quality in terms of vibrations, sound levels and lifetime. This is particularly true for fans located in submarines, where each single movement / noise is creating turbulances which can be seen on radars. Fans can also be located in hazardous environments e.g. in offshore platforms, and engineering companies tend to ask for explosion proof technologies. Stainless steel designs 304L, 316L are a must to face these critical ambient conditions, and TEFC motors are often requested.


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