Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Fans used in chemical or petrochemical applications are usually of a heavy duty type. Often of stainless steel construction, the fans are used to exhaust corrosive, high temperature or hazardous gasses from the process. Fans located within such environments must now be compliant with the ATEX norm and constructed to ensure optimum safety. Fans can be classified for use in zone 1 or zone 2, with motors ranging from EexNa range to Eexd II CT6, and constructed with an anti-spark design, combining the right material pairings in compliance with ATEX requirements in terms of safety.

DUMECH offers a complete range of ATEX compliant fans, and is one of the pioneers of this application, being integral to the development of this new standard. Fans must be highly reliable and efficient, often of a high pressure type, capable of withstanding high corrosion environments, often for petroleum companies. Special shaft seals, special materials, tailor made executions characterise the design of these fans.


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