Kitchen exhaust & makeup air

We are specialized in the treatment of air from kitchens. Kitchen ventilation presents the problem of grease, smoke and odours not usually found in other ventilation systems. We use various stages of filtration, including misty hood, UV hoods, Ecology units (ESP + Activated carbon filters/UVC), and water spray filter system.

Exhaust hood ingeniously fitted with ESP fume and mist filter. No conventional hood or additional air pollution control equipment needed, saving you more money and kitchen space. Fume & mist elimination efficiency: ≥95%, low altitude emission. External control interface to facilitate linkage control and remote control. Optional auto-clean function which automatically cleans the ESP according to programmed time-frames. The ESP is enabled to operate for a long period of time without the need for frequent manual cleaning. Most smell eliminated, no complaints will be incurred. Substantially reduce risks of residual grease deposits inside the exhaust ducts, and needs for air duct cleaning services.


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